06 Apr

Your Fitness Passport

Your Fitness Passport

With gyms closed around the world in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, we want you to know that we’re here to help.

Although our Gym in Riverdale is a physical location, we are made to adapt to this challenge. While our clients may not be able to come into the gym right now, this isn’t stopping them from keeping their health and fitness on track.

Why? Because OPEX is like your fitness passport. It’s your ticket to great exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle practices, regardless of where you are. By delivering your daily workout through a state-of-the-art app and leveraging technology for strong communication, OPEX is at-home friendly. This means that you can train from anywhere, whether it’s your living room, patio, or the park.

What we offer isn’t just a workout. It’s personalized fitness coaching that can be tailored to your environment, resources, stress-level, and goals. OPEX Personal Trainers have been delivering our services both not only in person but to people all across the US. This is not new to us. If your gym is closed but you would like to continue to progress your health and fitness during this time then we can help, through our Remote Coaching program!

Step 1: The Initial Consultation

When you join OPEX Riverdale you’ll start a relationship with a coach who will be there to support you through it all. You’ll meet over Zoom for a video call to discuss your training history, goals, behaviors, and what makes you tick. 

Step 2: The Assessment

Thanks to our handy app, TrueCoach, your OPEX coach can even assess your movement from afar! You’ll be guided through some simple movement quality screens which you will record and upload for your coach to see. This will serve as the foundation for your personalized fitness program.

Step 3: Time to Train

Each morning, you’ll open up your TrueCoach app to see what your coach has in store for you. Your workout will be personalized and based on the priorities your coach has identified from the first two steps, and will be designed in a way to ensure long-term progress and safety. Whether or not you have access to equipment, your OPEX coach will always provide workouts that are the perfect balance of challenge and fun.

Step 4: Habit Building

Fitness is so much more than exercise. An essential part of your OPEX program is the personalized nutrition and lifestyle habits. Your coach will assign you sustainable behaviors to help you enhance your nutrition, lifestyle, and mindset, to ensure that you provide a healthy foundation for your fitness goals.

Step 5: Communicate, Reflect, and Grow

As well as daily communication through the TrueCoach app, you will also communicate with your OPEX coach through monthly consultations and online office hours. The coach-client relationship is a key component of the success of our clients, as it provides an opportunity to reflect on progress and make adjustments to ensure that your workouts, nutrition, and lifestyle are all supporting your goals.

Life is unpredictable, but that won’t stop us from helping you learn to live a larger life through fitness. Reach out to us at OPEX Riverdale NYC and start working with our coaches. We have the tools, experience, and knowledge to improve your health and fitness from anywhere!

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