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Personalized Fitness

OPEX is Personalized Fitness Training. Whether you are looking to take your performance to the next level, or simply want to focus on your health and fitness, we can help you reach your goals!

Our professional coaches will work one to one with you on fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle so that you are able to make progress for years to come. 


    • Personalized Fitness Programming based on your goals and abilities. This means you'll have fitness program, that is designed by your coach, exclusively for YOU. ­

    • Nutrition: Meet with your coach during your first week for an initial outline of the principles of nutrition that you'll need to imply as you begin your fitness journey, and receive ongoing support each week.  

    • Professional Coaching Our expert team of coaches take care of movement instruction, cueing, and correcting to ensure your progress and keep you safe and while you complete your daily training session.  

    • Affordable OPEX combines all the benefits of having a personal trainer, at a fraction of the cost!

    • Accountability: You'll sit down with your coach every 4 weeks to go over goals, nutrition, and lifestyle changes to make sure you are on course to success, and that we are doing our best to help guide you to where you want to be. 

    • Train on Your Schedule We understand our clients have busy lifestyles, families, and work schedules that can make planning out their training week a challenge.  Take advantage of our flexible gym schedule and enjoy working out when it's convenient for you!

    • Premium Facility Access State of the art weight training, cardio, functional fitness, and gymnastic equipment to fulfill your needs for strength, conditioning, endurance, weight loss, and general fitness. Our facility includes ample parking, multiple restrooms, member storage, and a shower. Not to mention, a member lounge, children's area, in house sports massage!

    • TrueCoach: Your coach will introduce you to TrueCoach, a web platform our coaches use for simple, program delivery, to make your fitness plan easy to follow, to track your progress, and to report daily results and comments to your coach. 

  • Travel Workouts: using TrueCoach and working individually with your coach, OPEX Riverdale Fitness can go where you go, and keep you on top of your fitness plan, even while traveling, or when you schedule becomes hectic and unpredictable. 
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