Emily Farrell: Why I OPEX
OPEX Riverdale client

Emily Farrell: Why I OPEX

I love coming here, including the monthly offsite hike. The group is nice, not overwhelming in size for an introvert. They're different levels of hikers, so I didn't feel old. I'm even planning one myself now, even though I've never been a hiker. This place encourages and supports me to do things I didn't know I could do or even want to do.

I like the intimacy, the cleanliness, the individualized workouts at Opex because it helps me be competitive ... with myself. I've experienced measurable differences in the weights I've used and the way my clothes fit! Working with a personal coach has been impactful on my journey. I'm not intimidated here, because there are no scary-looking machines; it's just ME. I was looking for something that wasn't overwhelming with rows and rows of machines. In addition to all of that, the music is occasionally good lol.

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