Cathleen Giordano : Why I OPEX
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Cathleen Giordano : Why I OPEX

OPEX coaches understand that everyone entering their gym is unique. When I joined the gym I was already very mobile and active, but I was suffering from an autoimmune disease. Being that chronic physical conditions can be linked to chronic mental illness, I entered into OPEX with working on my mental health as my goal. My OPEX coach has been my life coach from the first day of my consultation. As a life coach, Adam has helped me deal with my stresses and in doing so, my mental health has gotten better. The personalized program my coach created began working in just days! The people at OPEX made it difficult to be anything other than encouraged and happy there. OPEX is a community and an environment. For me, it has strengthen both my mind and body. OPEX is a lifestyle... and a sustainable one at that!

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