28 Dec

Goal setting for the new year

Goal setting for the New Year!

Goal setting is an incredibly important part of the coach-client relationship here at OPEX Riverdale! It holds both parties accountable to the training program.

With the new year around the corner, it's time to start setting some new goals! Having goals help create direction for you, the client, to train towards and it also helps us, your coach, to program to help you achieve your goals!

At OPEX Riverdale, we use a roadmap approach to help you set goals that are attainable, realistic, and inspiring.

There are 4 steps to Goal Setting:

1. The Start: 
Your starting point, which is defined by your initial assessment of body composition, movement quality, and work capacity.

2. The Resources:
The resources you need to meet your goal, such as time, equipment, finances, and support.

3. The Recipe:
The nutrition, training, and lifestyle prescriptions that a coach will design.

4. The End:
A clearly defined end goal

Typically this process begins with the End, reverse engineered back to the Start. There are specific questions that you and a coach will need to answer at each stop along the way.

Goal Setting is best illustrated through an example

1. The End

A. What will be different about being 20lbs lighter?
B. How will it feel to be 20lbs lighter?

2. The Start

A. Why is the goal of 20lbs important?
B. Current weight and body composition?
C. Are there 20lbs to lose in the first place?
D. Any movement restrictions or injuries?
E. Current aerobic capacity?

3. The Resources

A. What is the client's schedule and what is the time commitment?
B. How much will it cost?
C. Access to equipment and transportation?
D. Support from friends and family?

4. The Recipe

A. How quickly can the weight be lost?
B. Is there also muscle to be gained?
C. What kind and amount of training?
D. What nutrition and lifestyle plan is needed to support training?

Stop by OPEX Riverdale and schedule your initial consultation to start the goal-setting process!

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